Abuse by women increases

The number of women convicted over domestic violence in England and Wales has more than doubled in the last five years, it has been revealed. Figures from the Crown Prosecution Service and men’s domestic abuse charity Mankind show that nearly 4,000 Read more…

By DeMo Ownz, ago

Ryan Dunn movie!?

So it looks like some people where expecting Ryan Dunns death… Well lets be fair we never much expect jackass stars to live forever but it seems some people took a more “active” if not strange way of preparing for this by Read more…

By DeMo Ownz, ago

Antonio Williams 25 y/o Triple Homo

VIDEO: Our Homicide Detectives escort 25 y/o triple homicide suspect Antonio Williams to Department of Corrections late Friday night. Residents in Clinton, Maryland, are trying to find ways to help and show their sorrow after three girls were murdered Read more…

By Fats Pepper, ago