The number of women convicted over domestic violence in England and Wales has more than doubled in the last five years, it has been revealed.

Figures from the Crown Prosecution Service and men’s domestic abuse charity Mankind show that nearly 4,000 women were successfully prosecuted last year compared to fewer than 1,500 in 2005.


According to police domestic abuse figures, 85 per cent of crimes are men on women, 12 per cent are women on men – and the other three per cent are same sex or other.

The number of women convicted as a proportion of the total amount for both sexes also rose from 5% to 7% over the same period. More than 55,000 men were prosecuted in 2010, compared with over 28,700 five years earlier.


Mankind chairman Mark Brooks told BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast  who obtained the data said .

“There is not enough support for male victims.”


A spokesman for anti-abuse charity Men’s Aid said some statistics showed female on male violence makes up at least a THIRD of cases.

He said: “I’m not surprised at the increase in female on male violence. It’s treated as a joke – the police aren’t interested.”


Liberal Democrat justice spokesman Robert Brown said.

“The number of incidents is appalling. We need to stamp out this worrying problem once and for all.”


“The help for male victims is very sparse. There are a number of national and local helplines. There are some councils and police forces that do a great job in encouraging and supporting men when they come forward but it’s far too few.

“And services, generally speaking, are around three decades behind the services available to female victims and really in this day and age that is not acceptable.”

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