1. Go to a dive bar or a place that isn’t your usual hangout. Have a one-night stand with some hole-in-the-wall bar.

2. Sit down together and have a clip show. You know, the flashback episode where everyone sits around discussing the funniest, craziest memories of your lifes.

3. Split your group in half and have a weekend long prank war.

4. Laser tag. Seriously, this is an underappreciated game and there’s no age limit, despite what the angry parents said after I annihilated their children in an intense bout last tuesday.

5. Write, film and edit a short sketch or film. It doesn’t have to be perfectly professional looking, just post it on youtube and see what happens!

6. Take advantage of a restaurant’s happy hour and place all dignity and see how many drinks you can get with $20 each!

7. Hit up the casino, but play reckless, fully prepared to lose a preset amount you bring with you. Usually that willingness to play high risk is the best chance of a high reward. If you’re friends with some mathletes, occupy a blackjack table and do your best impression of card counters.

8. Have a Disney movie night. That might require someone searching their parent’s attic for the dusty old DVD Player so that everyone can bring a few, DVDs from their collection. Or you can rent/buy a lot of them for cheap.

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