Kid Tells Mall Santa A Secret; Seconds Later Him And His Elves Are Beating Up Child Molester
Columbus, Ohio. As busy shoppers rush around buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones inside the Polaris Mall, a group of men are being arrested by mall security and local police for affray.


But this was no normal scuffle between gangs or a skirmish over the last iPhone in stock before the big day. The fight involved SANTA CLAUS and his elves. Well, a mall Santa and his dwarf colleagues, at any rate. They weren’t fighting among themselves, though. They were beating the shit out of a CHILD MOLESTER.

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49 year-old Nicholas Cooper was taken into custody for assaulting Kris Kane, 38, after an unnamed young girl confided in him. She said that she ‘wanted to tell Santa a secret’ and that ‘all she wanted was for her stepdad to stop touching her at night’.

It’s about time we hear a story with a happy ending!

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Shaggy · December 22, 2017 at 8:24 pm

I think they should let the Santa claus go and give him an award Hopefully they arrested the stepfather to write

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